Client is king

Contraload has the wind in its sails. Our figures keep showing growth year after year. We even got nominated for the ‘Trends Gazelle’ in Antwerp, an award for fast growing companies that inspire others in the same discipline. Currently we have 10 job vacancies at Contraload. Pretty special if you think about it, since we only have 50 employees. The vacancies are spread over countries like Italy, Spain and Germany because we’re expanding business within the European region. We’re really excited about this big step. However, we never take our success for granted. We think it’s a combination of multiple factors.

First and foremost, our product is rock solid. And the amount of companies that see the benefits of a more sustainable supply chain grows every day. We also constantly keep innovating and improving our products. But maybe the most important aspect is that we listen to our clients. For us, it’s not just factory names or invoice numbers. It’s all about people, with their own thoughts and feelings. Not one client is the same as another. And that’s the reason we want to hire more employees for our customer support. Ideally, we want to connect every client to their own personal customer support associate, so we can pay more attention to the needs of our clients. Because we believe listening to what people want, instead of just doing what a company thinks is best, is the foundation of every modern business plan.

Do you share our ideas and would you like to contribute to our product? Take a look at our current vacancies, you might just find the perfect job for you. And if you think plastic cannot contribute to a better environment, stay tuned for our next blog!

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