Think green, act green

Contraload goes Lean & Green


“It’s a fact!  In addition to saying we have a green service,
we now have the proof in hand that we are really green

On 14th of May 2014 the Lean and Green Award was handed to Contraload by the VIL (Flanders Institute for logistics).  Now Contraload belongs to one of the 52 companies in the Flemish Lean and Green Community.

The Lean and Green programme was launched in 2007 in the Netherlands under the wings of the Organization Connekt.  On 30th of January 2013 the VIL gave out the first 12 Awards in Belgium.  Italy and Germany also launched the Lean and Green label.

Lean and Green encourages and supports both logistics service providers and shippers to reduce the CO2emissions of their transport and logistics activities by at least 20% within 5 years.

Since 2004 Contraload has provided a very green service with the “the common reuse of load carriers”, also called “carpooling of load carriers”.

Because of the principle of efficient pooling there are fewer load carriers needed and therefore less raw materials.  Moreover, transport (delivery and return) is considerably better organized with a higher utilization rate.  In addition to the professional management of load carriers, losses are limited and all broken assets can be remanufactured.

Contraload delivers a significant contribution to the CO2 savings of more than 350 companies and this can not only be proven by a neutral LCA study and a CO2 calculation model, developed by Carbon Footprint Ltd, but also by earning the Lean and Green Award.

The ultimate goal of Contraload is to be the greenest pooling company in Europe (and the world) and also to be able to prove this objectively.  A beautiful ambition that will come true!!