Who is CLD?

CLD was founded in 2004 by Sylvain Naets and Jesse Sels, the current MDs. Ten years later CLD is still growing double digit year after year, with the financial support of solid partners.
Pooling is a combination of re-designing supply chains and facilitating a JIT execution. We have the right people and systems that make sure we REUSE, return, repair and remanufacture both pallets and IBCs. We go that one step further by making intelligent use of our IT system (POOL-IT) and thus making load carriers highly returnable and minimizing transport throughout the supply chain.
We REDUCE empty transport legs and REDUCE CO2 emissions and the overall impact on the environment.

How does CLD work?

It all starts with good people and a great tracking system (POOL-IT). We listen to our customers and provide them with a clear proposal on how we can tailor our pool and selected assets to their needs. If our high quality assets do not match the needs of the customer or the customer has an existing stock of reusable assets, we can offer “just the pooling service” and our “POOL-IT tracking”.
We have a service for everyone … we really do !


The FULL pooling service consists of the following elements:
• Delivery of the agreed quantity at the agreed locations and time
• Rent of the quality asset for the time you use it
• Collection of the agreed quantity at the agreed locations
• Cleaning and inspection of the asset after every collection
• Replacement/repair of broken parts or assets
• Tracking and tracing the assets pro-actively
• Regular stock audits to make sure losses can be prevented
Elements can be added or taken out to adapt the service to the needs of the customer.

What if I want to own my load carriers, what can CLD offer me?

CLD wants to promote REUSE of load carriers. We can supply POOL-IT to help you track your assets more efficiently and assist where necessary to enable you to have full control over your assets. Our assistance can vary from reporting to transport planning, to cleaning the assets or even assisting you to finance your project.

What makes CLD different from other pooling companies?

The list is long, but here are just a few key reasons to work with us:
• The CLD value stream analysis we perform for our customers
• Our understanding of different supply chains and customer needs
• POOL-IT (our IT system)
• Our loss prevention plan
• Our transparent prices
• Our 1-page invoices
• Our friendly and helpful teams across Europe
• Our Asset Quality Standard
• Our CO2-calculator
• Our insurance concept
• Our hygiene control
• Our 100% re-manufacturing, etc.

Who are our partners?

We proudly present to you our partners:
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