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Transparency in how your price is calculated, how it is built up, no automatic price changes, no indexations, regular reviews, and advice on how to influence the elements that effect the price.
10p_Cruise Control

Cruise Control

We’ve got your back.  We monitor your parameters pro-actively and will contact you if parameters are not in line with the contract.  We will help you bring these back in line.  We report to you on a regular basis using our BI-tools.
10p_Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention

We hate lost load carriers.  Replacing pallets and containers requires investment, unnecessary costs and has a negative effect on the relationship with our customers.  Zero loss is our target!
10p_Free Consultancy

Free Consultancy

Our sales teams are experts in load carriers and by asking you the right questions, can help you select and implement the right choice of pallets and containers.


POOL-IT is our free on-line tracking tool that you need to use for placing orders, asking for collections, declaring your movements or simply to view reports on your movement history and basic parameters.  It’s available free of charge.
10p_Our Performance

Our Performance

Every year we report back to you on how Contraload performed for you.  Did we deliver in full and on time, every time?  Did we collect fast enough from your customer?  Did you have any complaints and if yes, did we respond quickly enough and supply you with the right answers.


We clean our pallets and containers in line with our SLA, which is signed off by all contracted conditioning services who are regularly audited by our quality team.  Only the highest standards will do.


As a pooling company, our assets need to meet the highest technical requirements to meet your industry standards.  Our plastic pallets, containers and layer pads are checked after every trip to make sure they meet our quality standard (AQS).  In case of damages, our assets are repaired by our own specialist repair team.


Contraload is moving towards being a full circular company.  There are no compromises when it comes to nature.  All our raw materials are re-used within our own assets, time after time.  We actively reduce our footprint by reducing empty truck miles and cleaning our assets where it makes sense geographically.  Most of all, we help our customers save CO2.    We have been awarded the “Lean & Green Star”!


Contraload is a company that takes care of its employees and of the world around us.  We measure our employee satisfaction and ask them to actively take part in our decision-making processes.  Contraload Cares is our fund that supports social and environmental projects every year to help where help is needed.

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