Contraload is all about sharing resources.  Through our pooling service and unique business concept, we are supporting our customers to make money from underused assets.  The money we make ourselves goes to paying employees and suppliers, banks and shareholders as in any company worldwide.  Every year, however, the people in our company also have an unstoppable urge to contribute to the world around us.  We feel this is a beautiful movement, coming from within.

Our employees, therefore, work for what goes into our Contraload Cares fund and jointly decide what goes out to support both social and environmental projects.

Over the coming months and years, Contraload will work with its stakeholders to support more initiatives to help save the world … or at least a part of it!  We have a plan…  a BIG plan!  If you want to know more, check this page!


We measure our employee satisfaction and ask them to actively take part in our decision making processes.  We regard them as family and have created great working circumstances, exciting company events and we also pay our teams well, including a companywide bonus system …  We like to think we have a CLUE… Creating Little Unexpected Extras…


We want to help nature and bring down pollution where we can.  Our service itself saves a lot of CO2 by reducing empty truck miles, but we also continuously look for ways to reduce our own footprint.  We are testing new raw materials and want to be 100% circular, without adding any virgin material, by 2022.


Contraload Cares is our own little fund that supports social and environmental projects every year to help where help is needed.  The good causes we support have been suggested to us by employees, customers and suppliers.


Saving Bees… is another initiative as bees are crucial for our time on earth and they are an endangered species.  Our Sales director for South and Central Europe, living in Italy, has become a beekeeper and we fully support his commitment to educating children on the importance of bees as well as helping him grow the number of hives across Europe.  Have a look at our bees!


We carry the load for our customers.  Do you want to know more about our services?



We care about people and the world around us.  That’s why we support these charities!


We contribute to a greener and safer world.  Do you want to know how we intend to save the planet?


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