How time flies… Sometimes I just can’t believe Contraload has already been around for almost 15 years, since we were established. The number of our plastic pallets and containers has grown to the staggering amount over 3 million and we serve over 3,000 clients in 26 different Countries.

Back in 2014, we spotted a potentially interesting market gap for plastic pallet Pooling in a B2B environment, where others were focusing on wooden pallets and mostly towards Retailers. Finding seed capital, writing a business plan and trying to sell our ideas was exciting…

Then one day we simply took the plunge and decided to start our own Pan-European Company in Renting and Pooling plastic pallets. We thought of an IT-system that would help us track and trace assets and provide the best service for our Clients. We found a believer, an investor, as we did not have the required money ourselves and came up with a name: Contraload, which refers to ‘containers’, ‘transport’ and ‘logistics’. But more important is the meaning of the two contracted words: ”contra”, because we try to do everything a bit different (and better) than others and “load”, because we help carry the loads through the supply chain..

Taking that plunge 14 somewhat years ago is still one of the best decisions of my life and even though we’ve been around that long; we still learn new things every day. Things we think would interest you too! That is why we have decided to start writing a blog on a regular basis about all the ins’ and outs’ of our industry; like new products, regulation changes, trends in the shared economy, tips and tricks and stories from inside our Company.
By sharing this information, we want to help you to optimize your supply chain.

We hope you will enjoy our posts!

All the best,

Jesse Sels

Managing Director