We help the economy to get through the COVID-19 crisis


Contraload – Being part of the team that helps the economy get past Covid-19 

The Belgian government communicated that logistics companies supplying into the food industry are essential in helping the economy get through the COVID-19 crisis that the world is facing at the moment. am very  proud to be working for Contraload, a plastic load carrier pooling company, that is considered as an indispensable part to help the economy get through the difficult prevailing situation in the markets.  

By keeping up our service, the pooling of load carriers for our clients, we can make a substantial contribution to prevent the European economy from collapsing.  The necessary drastic safety measures that governments are putting into place in order to protect their people, create a sense of insecurity concerning the supply of products that cover the basic need of a human being such as food. A fear invades the society of not having prepared enough stock at home in order to feed themselves and their loved ones. Over the past few days, the world has seen the phenomenon of populations of European countries stock-piling goods especially food, as if there was no tomorrow.  

Our sales team have been reaching out to our clients over the past few days, making sure both them and their families are healthy and safe and discussing how the COVID-19 situation is influencing their business. We have had great discussions around thoughts and ideas with our partners and have received caring and very positive feedback from themDuring these conversations, it turns out that our clients, who are mostlupstream suppliers to the food industry, have  largely increased production in order to supply the demand of food producers that have to keep supermarkets supplied and make sure that availability of these products people long for are made available. 

It has become crystal clear that the economy is a huge running engine and Contraload is a small, but useful and essential partthat needs to be present and functioning properly so that the engine does not break down. Without our plastic pooling service to our clients, products of suppliers could not be transported on cleaned plastic pallets to FMCG companies across Europe. 

Having a highly efficient pool is at the core of the business of Contraload, which becomes visible especially in times of Covid-19 where load carrier pools need to continue to rotate.  We want to thank our suppliers, cleaning centers and transport companies for helping us to provide our clients with enough clean load carriers for their vital day2day products!  

It is great being able to make a tangible difference ! 

We can “get it done” ! 

Stay safe and with sufficient stock! 

Lisa Marie Buchholz

Lisa Marie Buchholz

Account Manager DACH

“Proud to be working for Contraload

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