Don’t let Covid-19 infect your focus


Every night at 7pm, during dinner, my family and I watched the news as, in these scary times, it is vital to be aware of the shifting numbers, risks and changes in rules and regulations.  To be  clear, it is mostly a repetition of what I have read over the last hours in the news app I use and the next morning I read in the newspaper that summarizes nicely what happened over the last 24 hours.  I feel I am informed…. Maybe even over informed… Not taking into account messages I get and stuff I read on social media…


So.. The question I asked myself: As critically important as it is, is this abundance of information and opinions bringing additional and unnecessary stress to my personal life and is it getting in the way of my work-life?

After the first week of being in a lockdown, where every minute it felt like we needed to be part of what was happening outside, respecting the rules and repeating them on a daily basis; my attention is shifting back to my family’s and my personal and mental wellbeing.  With my son, play in the garden – if allowable, schoolwork, call the grandparents more, play the guitar, board games, reading a book, exercise and other more creative hobbies, but most of all… being able to focus on my job as I am working from home.

As an experiment, we switched off the TV earlier this week and stopped watching the Evening news.  Family dinner and quality time before going to bed excludes the Corona virus.  We discuss the consequences of the world outside (literally now) during the day when needed.  We have shifted 95% of our personal focus to day to day things and keep 5% available for the global pandemic.

The result of this experiment is an eyeopener… a forced detox from the harsh reality, a focus on the day to day structure and enjoying this unique opportunity to get closer as a family has increased my productivity, lowered stress levels and not really affected our awareness of what is happening around us.  It has taken the edge off…

So my suggestion.. Find your focus… It is ok to be over informed in the first week of a lockdown, but then it is important to switch to a more limited awareness where you stay connected, but at fixed times, freeing up space for the things that matter inside the walls of your confinement.

Lower your Corona-stress levels without underestimating the severe-ness of it all! 

Disconnect to stay connected and don’t get infected!

Jesse Sels

Jesse Sels

Managing Director Contraload Group

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