How we make a difference at Contraload

How we make a difference at Contraload


Make a Difference Day

Every fourth Saturday of October it is Make a Difference Day in the USA, and that happens to be tomorrow. So that’s why I’ve taken this opportunity to write a blog about what we do at Contraload to make a difference

Contraload Cares

As a pooling company, we try to be different with our unique pooling concept and our personal approach.  But we also focus on other areas in which we would like to make a difference.  Our fund, Contraload Cares, supports various good initiatives :

Contraload Cares areas


Every year, the Belgian Foundation against Cancer (Stichting tegen kanker) organizes a 24h Relay For Life (Levensloop).  People celebrate and pay tribute to people that have conquered cancer and support those who are still fighting the disease as well as remember people who have lost their fight against.  These 24 hours are a symbol of the constant battle patients and their families must endure in the fight against the disease. Unfortunately, since March of this year, all the Relay for Life meetings have had to be cancelled… just like so many other events.


However, Contraload Cares still wanted to go the extra mile and offer support for people battling cancer in a Corona proof way!  This is why we took part in the Plantweekend, organized by Kom op tegen Kanker.   Almost 200.000 plants were sold in 1 weekend and close to 11.000 plants will be delivered to several hospitals during the upcoming weeks. This is a warm gesture and display of appreciation and respect for all of those who are in the line of fire, battling against coronavirus.  It is lovely to see how these multicoloured plants are brightening up the hospitals and our office space!

How can you make a difference?

Help someone to cross the street, do some groceries for your old neighbours, tidy up your wardrobe and donate your clothes that you no longer wear… or make a donation to Kom op tegen Kanker.

So what will do you do tomorrow to celebrate Make a Difference Day?

Sarina Gybels

Sarina Gybels

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