The world needs more forests!  Forests are crucial for our future and our health!  Our company is based in Flanders and with only 11% forest index, Flanders is one of the poorest regions in Europe.  Just keeping our existing forests is simply not enough, we need to expand the forests!

Last week Contraload contributed to planting a new forest and on Sunday employees joined “natuurpunt vzw” in a local initiative to plant 7500 trees.  Not only did it feel great to get our hands dirty and learn about trees, it was also a nice social event.

When asking “natuurpunt” about our sponsorship of a number of trees, we found out a very positive thing!  Many companies and schools are contributing in buying trees as well as helping to plant them.  The number of volunteers coming to the new forest site to lend a helping hand was so overwhelming, that we were limited in the number of trees we could sponsor and help plant.  Fabulous!

The inevitable question was : So… Why don’t we plant more trees and put up more forests if there is so much goodwill?  The answer was very discouraging…

There are not enough lots available…

With a very low forest index, we still have no lots available?

Why not?  The potential lots of land are simply in the wrong hands… 

Depending on the region, these lots are owned by people or organizations that use the money they get from the government to “uphold” the domains to keep the castle on that domain in acceptable shape and not expand the forest.  Expanding the forest is not on their list…   In cases where the owners are willing to add trees, the government red tape is so thick, it takes ages to get a license to… plant trees.    

Seriously?  Politics?

Companies are willing to support the financing of both forests and available lots, is there someone out there that can facilitate this?  We need a new superhero … “forest-man” or “forest-woman”!