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As of 2021 Canada is banning 1-way plastics to stop the worldwide plague of pollution.  Great move Justin!  The exact list of products is not known, scientists are still drawing up the most polluting elements, but you can only support this positive intention and hope all other countries follow quickly.  Bottles, straws, bags, foams, etc.  The primary target is to avoid birds, fish and other animals mistaking plastic for food.

Here is a challenge … as my company is a pooling company … Why not go one better? 

The valuable list of 1-way consumer plastics is a good starting point, but what about 1-way products in industrial environments?  Wooden pallets, Plastic pallets, shrink foil, plastic wrapping, cardboard boxes and a lot more… The 1-way varieties of these secondary and tertiary packaging are maybe not directly endangering species, but they are killing our raw material resources that are best used with moderation.  Trees, oil, gas, water, etc.… Can we also get a ban on these 1-ways, please?

Every company and every person should ensure that re-use is at the top of their personal priority list.  Switch to reusables!  But don’t just switch… stay in control as well.  Don’t just produce reusables and just use these multiway products …  Multiway products are usually less environmentally friendly to produce and only by reusing them over and over again, do you get to the real added value.  Take accountability for your reusables!  You produce or buy them… you make sure they reused for the longest possible period and then … reuse the raw materials back into the same product.  It’s called re-manufacturing and it beats recycling.  Go circular!

Multinationals need to put marketing departments behind their green initiatives to report facts instead of putting advertisers in front of their greenwashing efforts.  Governments need to have the balls to put clear and undisputable bans in their countries and urge others to follow.  Hey… don’t just leave it to politicians and companies… people need to step up and do their share in their day2day life!  When these 3 levels come together, we will create a positive turn-around effect…  

Reuse reusables!

Jesse Sels

Jesse Sels

Managing Director Contraload Group

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