Plastic pallet pooling in Spain


a fast growing multi player market

Since a few years, the use of plastic pallets has increased significantly due to the large number of benefits the raw material offers as a reusable alternative to wood. Plastic is recyclable, strong, hygienic, sustainable and always the same size and weight.

There are many sectors demanding different sizes of plastic pallets, but the highest growth is clearly in the food related markets and mainly in the flow between raw material suppliers and food manufacturers.

The raw material used for the large distribution continues being mostly wood, although more retailers are switching the last mile to plastic and not only for half and quarters pallets.

In B2B, there are several other sectors changing their old habits and forcing the use of plastic pallets. Personal care industries, packaging manufacturers and pharmaceutical factories are on the top of the list, but also more demand is coming from chemical companies who want to switch from wood to plastic, but due to the often non-standard size pallets and scattered distribution profiles the reusable aspect is not an easy one.  In any case, the scope of the future plastic pallet market is huge and the security and quality regulations will support faster development of plastic pallets in the near future.

All major pooling companies are present in Spain, but very unique is the fact that there is a range of local pooling players, small and large, competing to increase their market share, offering wood, plastic or merely services and each has their own distinguishing and characteristic color or network.  Every company is doing their best to be different from their competitors and adapt to the customer needs.  Spain is therefore the most competitive open pooling market in Europe.

Then there are smaller companies introducing plastic pallets as well as existing wooden pallets in the market, but simply operating standard pooling service without owning the assets.  It means they offer companies the possibility of managing their own pool.  They offer advantages thanks to their flexibility, based on their extended network of partners all across Europe.

Contraload is the only one in the plastic pallet market who covers Europe as a territory, offering local flows, inbound flows from Europe as well as outbound flows towards Europe.  Contraload covers Turkey and the UK as well.  The Spanish presence of Contraload is increasing at a high speed with a clear focus on B2B flows in the food market.  The high level of competition just makes the market more exciting and interesting.

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María Marco García

María Marco García

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