The 5 guidelines to create a lasting positive corporate culture


I believe you win and keep talent by creating a great company culture. I truly do. Others may choose to believe that corporate culture is an intangible feeling in an artificially created environment, where employees robotically spend their days earning a paycheck that allows them to enjoy the “non-work” part of life, as if work is not a part of your real life.

The pessimistic concept of “work-life balance” is entrenched in the vocabulary of companies around us and it hovers above their office buildings like a gloomy cloud. It gets into the heads of engaged employees who, in an attempt to create a connection between each and every team member, take on positive initiatives and make life at the office an enjoyable endeavor. I admire and respect these team players who proactively go above and beyond to help build great team spirit.

Therein, however, lies the difference between “team spirit” and corporate culture. Team spirit is created by a series of events that affect a group. Anything from important projects at work, ergonomic seats, bowling sessions, educational off-sites, team lunches, champagne moments, cake, nights out, more cake and even fun trips. These are all moments to cherish and enjoy, but they do not make up the fabric of your corporate culture nor will they attract and keep great talent in your company.

So here are our 5 guidelines to create a lasting positive corporate culture…

1) Respect the individual and the role they have

A performance development plan to support and guide your employees to success.

2) Put your money where your mouth is

A fitting remuneration system in line with the company targets as well as personal contribution.

3) Free your mind and the rest will follow

Give employees freedom to operate within a set of clear und non-negotiable ground rules.

4) Believe and uphold the foundation

Everyone believes in the values and mission of the company and its targets.

5) Communicate excessively

Overcommunicate to create organizational clarity and low levels of drama and stress at work.

These guidelines are not easy and straightforward but, when applied with the right intentions and heart, you will win, keep and support talented employees. You will all be enjoying your part of the future “company story” that you are writing together.

If you have any feedback or ideas, please let me know !

PS : Don’t stop bowling !

Jesse Sels

Jesse Sels

Managing Director Contraload Group

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