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So 2019 was going to be a year to strengthen our base and not be too adventurous…  I must have been suffering from post-acquisition stress syndrome after a year of over 40% growth.  Every year feels like a crucial year when you are in a market that offers a range of tempting opportunities.  We are lucky to be in such a market.  Despite the plan to have a transition year, achieving budget and keeping the ship heading in the right direction, something interesting always pops up and usually more than one thing….

I recently read somewhere that it is the ability and mind-set to imagine a bold outcome and set audacious goals that separates the strong from the weak.  There is no lack of ambition on our side and by talking to our customers and suppliers we are finding real achievable possibilities and if we dare to win and dare to set these high targets, then why not try to become a strong player ?

This all sounds easy and of course there are many pitfalls, which I can write another blog or two about… trust me :-), but the reason we are able to jump and target what others might find unachievable or risky is the fact that our core business is going strong and we have a fantastic, growing team of people that are connecting with each other in a revived corporate culture and they make the magic happen day after day.  A fantastic thing to experience and support as a CEO.

So, being ambitious, what are we aiming for?  I am not going to give away all our secret weapons just yet, but what I can tell you is that we are on a mission to create the next generation pooling company through a new set of improved products, the best possible personal service and the next level tracking solutions.  Our shareholders, employees, suppliers and hopefully soon our customers will understand that we are a small company, making a big impact… heading for an even bigger impact.

Our aim is to jump ahead of the market with a great team of people, solving the market problems, bringing a range of innovations and creating added value throughout the supply chain for players in several parts of the world…  and… we are almost ready to move the needle… keep your eyes open for our announcements later this year.

Too ambitious for a small player ?  We are not afraid of trial and error, we just need to make sure we have more positive trials than failed ones.  My old basketball coach told me (and I was also a small player) many years ago : “you miss 100% of the shots you did not take”.  It’s that simple.

Let’s get in the game and claim the ball!

Jesse Sels

Jesse Sels

Managing Director Contraload Group

“What can I do to get it done?”
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