To IoT or not to IoT


In a fast-moving world, staying ahead as a company has become a key driver and challenge at the same time. As we see the supply chain world looking with great interest into new (& older) technologies of RFID, IOT, blockchain etc. … we can only conclude that tomorrow, customers will not only count on the proper delivery of the logistical service itself but will expect us, as a service provider to give them more insight (and relevant data) in their whole supply chain process next to the delivery of our same services.

Combined with our market experience, and numerous discussions with different customers and prospects, this has set us on the road of investigating what track & trace technology today and tomorrow can bring to the table.

And so it begins ….

As a company focused on customer service in pooling and rent, we search for and work together with specialized partners on innovative technologies and solutions that are available and developing in the market. But next to a broad technology discovery, the more important questions on our end would be:

  • What is our business strategy and what do we want to achieve for our customers?
  • What are the different steps to be undertaken to implement new initiatives into our service delivery organization?
  • Can you really count on certainties in a technology environment that is changing ever faster and more significant?

Which brings us to the fact that as a business that seeks to innovate and expand further, we cannot do it all at once and should not have cold water fear to start our journey to a company that not only provides services but can offer deeper insights and added value for our customers.

So we have set a couple of important principles for our road ahead:

  • Don’t fear what is unknown
    Embrace a step by step approach in technology discovery and develop and implement proof of concepts to determine and experience how our future service delivery will look like.
  • Don’t try to eat the elephant at once
    Split the process into bite size chunks that we and our partners can manage efficiently, so that we can sustain our current business next to implementing the new added value services one step at a time.
  • Dare to think outside of the box
    The new technologies in different markets have proven to be disruptive to traditional business models. What new technologies can bring to our existing and new services will potentially change our service delivery and furthermore could change our business model as well.

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Raf Fonteyn

Raf Fonteyn

ICT Director

Architecting the future, through innovation day by day