3 time nominee for Trends Gazelle!!


In 2004 Contraload provided a pooling solution for companies that were facing the challenge of the increasing demand for plastic pallets.

15 years later we are proud to be the European market leader in plastic pallet and container pooling.  With 135 employees we ensure every day that over 3,000 customers across 26 countries are provided with plastic load carriers.  We are more ambitious now than ever before, still a young company and we plan to keep growing!


Why is Contraload nominated as Trends Gazelle?

You will not become a Gazelle if you have a flashy presentation or dynamic sales pitch.  Trends Gazelle is based on hard growth figures: growth in turnover, growth in personnel and growth in added value.

The methodology:

Based on a quantitative analysis 3 categories are derived:

  • “small companies” (with a gross margin less than 1 million euro),
  • “medium-sized companies” (with a turnover of 1 to 10 million euro) and
  • “large companies” (with a turnover of more than 10 million euro).

Then they test the balance sheets for the past 5 financial years against 3 criteria and make a ranking of the growth evolution (in absolute and percentage figures):

  • growth in turnover
  • growth in workforce
  • growth in cash flow

The company that is the highest in the list, can call itself a Trends Gazelle Ambassador for a year.  Exciting, will we be a Gazelle Ambassador this year?  Fingers crossed!!


Do you want to know more about our pooling service from A to Z?  Please contact my sales colleagues!


Lorenza De Spirt

Lorenza De Spirt

Communications Manager

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