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Dear Customer,


During the month of March, we have experienced a rise in usage of plastic pallets in most industries that we currently serve, as well as a clear upward trend in safety stock levels at our customers in the food-related business. We understand these are uncertain times and our team is committed to continue to serve you and all our customers on time and in full.


Contraload expects a similar high demand in April. We are therefore pushing up the production of new pallets as well as containers over the next days and weeks to keep our safety stocks at the right levels. Our company will invest to handle your peak demand.


What is the current status?

  1. Our planning teams are fully up and running
  2. Our conditioning centres are all open and there is no backlog
  3. Pallets are being delivered and collected on time
  4. All orders have been fulfilled
  5. Pallet safety stocks have been slightly affected and are currently being replenished
  6. Pallet and IBC production facilities are also fully operational


We have full control, but we keep advising to put in your delivery and collection orders sooner rather than last minute so we can keep anticipating on specific market restrictions. If you are able, please send us your 2 week forecast. Please also find below the closing days for Easter. Please take these into account when placing your orders!

  • Belgium: 13/04
  • UK: 10 &13/04
  • Germany: 10 & 13/04
  • France: 10 & 13/04
  • Spain: 9 & 10 & 13/04
  • Poland: 13/04
  • Italy: 13/04


Please also make sure to do your declarations frequently, so we can ensure good and timely equipment recovery! If you need support switching to EDI, please contact us.


If you require additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Kind Regards,
Jesse Sels
Managing Director