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 Magazines often publish articles which list so called superfoods.  These lists vary from one publication to another.  Foods regularly featured are fish, avocado, olive oil, chocolate, strawberries etc.  But the egg doesn’t always make it to a list... 


I guess some people don’t like eggs, because they think there is a bit of “evil” in it.  


Are eggs healthy? 


The health mantra regarding eggs is to limit the consumption to 3 eggs a week.  This is because they would contain a lot of cholesterol.  But the average cholesterol level per egg has dropped significantly over the years due to changing the food for the chicken, they switched their diet from “meat” (bugs and stuff) to corn. 


But it doesn’t really matter, because cholesterol in eggs doesn’t actually increase you blood cholesterol level. 


Cholesterol may let you think of a ‘bad’ substance because it is associated with heart diseases But our body also needs cholesterol.  Our body uses this substance as a building block for cells and hormones and for the production of bile. 


You get a small part of the cholesterol through food.  Most cholesterol is produced in the liver. Normally, just enough cholesterol is produced here.  But when things go wrong, for example your metabolism is “broken”, your body goes into panic mode.  It starts to produce lot more cholesterol in an attempt to “fix” the problem. 


So if you are healthy and want to stay that way, you should include eggs in your diet. 


Eggs in our food 


Today I want to talk about another form of egg, a boiled one. 


Egg products are increasingly popular in the food service business due to their ease of use and savings in labor, storage, and portion control.  Egg products resemble whole eggs in nutritional value, taste and most of its functional properties. 


Not everyone knows that boiled eggs can also be produced in large quantities for the food industry. 


Every year more and more eggs are further processed into different egg products.  Hard boiled peeled eggs are one of the value-added products for various food applications.  They are used as an ingredient in other food products and sold as ready-to-eat snacks in pouches or trays.  You can also find them in your fresh salads or sandwiches “to go” and in all kinds of bread spreads etc. 


Eggs in logistics 


Let’s have a look at the packaging and logistics part of eggs. 


You can purchase or transport hard-boiled eggs in small polyethylene bag If you need more eggs, you can go for a bucket.  But what if this still isn’t big enough for your production needs? 


Plastic bags can be packed in cardboard boxes with cardboard layer pads.  Stretch film is needed to hold it all together.  Can you imagine all the waste you have in your factory?  But also, all the storage space that is needed and the extra labor, it all costs money If you use plastic buckets, same story.  So, what if you want to save costs and want to be nice for our nature? 

Contraload’s egg solution 


At Contraload we have sustainable and reusable packaging solutions that will help you with your egg challenges. 


For example in our Dry Bulk containers polyethylene bags can be packed directly into the container, no layer pads needed (believe me it was tested J ) so you will reduce a lot of packaging waste because you will eliminate cardboard and stretch foil. 


All of our containers are foldable, so when empty they don’t need a lot of your storage space.  They are also easy to handle so that will make your employees happy and eventually you too! 


Our great containers come with great services.  You don’t have to buy our containers, so you don’t need to invest.  You can pool or rent them with us.  For those who never heard of pooling it is a combination of rent and logistic services.  Imagine a service where you get the preferred load carriers eggsactly when you need it, where you neededclean and ready to use.  You just pack your product, ship to your customer and that’s it.  You can forget the rest, because we will take care of that. 



What is your logistics egg challenge?  Just let us know and we will help you to solve your egg problem. 



Rafał Palus