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As I was driving home from work recently, this Bruce Springsteen classic came on the radio. I had always interpreted the lyrics as having a constant feeling of unfulfillment and no matter what we do, we would always feel unsatisfied. So for me not the most positive of songs, although it is masked well with a very catchy tune!

However, after a long day of work I suddenly thought about it in a different way. Is it that bad to have a constant “hungry heart”?

At Contraload, we define HUNGER as being passionate about the mission, going the extra mile and actively contributing to change. Our success is dependent on that collective positive energy.

Working up an appetite

Hunger translates mostly into finding your source of (self) motivation.  Ask yourself the question of what makes you excited, what keeps you going and use that energy to take matters into your own hands. If you make a habit of doing things with sincere enthusiasm, that positive vibe will be infectious to not only yourself, but also others around you.

By bringing passion into your work, you will find that it is easier to direct your energy towards the right tasks and outcomes. That engagement leads to creativity, which is very much needed in a fast-paced environment like Contraload’s. Don’t let sudden change slow you down but use it as an opportunity to think outside the box and find that hunger within you to actively be a part of that change.

2020 has been a challenging year so far, both professionally as well as in our personal lives. You might even share Bruce’s feelings about unfulfillment right now, but remember to always keep looking forward, find your purpose and you will find your appetite again.

Keep feeding that hungry heart!