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Waiters were struggling to keep their facemasks on, cooks were not wearing one. Disinfecting ours hands at the entrance and ordering from paper menu cards printed only for one evening. Each table was placed apart at a distance and yet my contacts and I are sitting within 1.5m from each other.  Is it safe?  No one knows.   


 We all suppress the habit of shaking hands and there is an awkward dance moment” when we arrive and leave. Who goes first, and how do we move safely between the other tables and diners?   


 I couldn’t help but question which habits will stay and which elements are temporary…   


 People were clearly not at ease, waiters making mistakes by not washing hands regularly after wiping their sweaty foreheads and then leaning over diners to serve the plates of food.  Customers were not wearing masks when moving between the tables to find their way to and from the washroom and the uncertainty if they should actually share the bread basket in the middle of the table! 

 This simply doesn’t work.   


 Let’s hope dining out can get back to normal fast, because the “new normal” needs clearer and stricter guidelines which are understood by guests, restaurant owners, chefs and waiters. 


 Let’s support local restaurants and dine out and let’s keep our washed fingers crossed that the virus dies away soon, otherwise a rulebook will be required fast. 


 How was your first post-Covid dining experience?