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On a beautiful sunny day in February our CEO Jesse Sels asked me to take over a presentation at the Antwerp Management School and convince the students studying for a Masters in Global Supply Chain Management, that they should choose Contraload’s project on RFID and ioT for their masters’ thesis. 


Well, I’m not afraid to give a presentation about Contraload, but I was extremely nervous to talk about RFID and IoT solutions embedded in plastic returnable load carriers.  I am not an innovator or an early adopter type of guy and have trouble using the latest digital remote control at home! 


I took up the challenge with a smileas I had no choice anyway, and went to Antwerp to pitch the project. Somehow, what I said made sense and very enthusiastic team chose our technology challenge for their thesis. Sarah RongGeorges Bourmbos and Joost Boon believed in our needs and intentions and were planning to join us for 6 weeks…. but then COVID-19 arrived … and everything changed.  


I was looking forward to working with this team in our office, together with Pat Griffin (our Innovation Director) and Raf Fonteyn (our IT Director)but the situation forced us to set up a virtual working place.  We reached out to different industry experts as well as customers to make sure we attained the necessary insights to understand how IoT– and RFID-solutions can add value to the B2B and FMCG supply chains. 


The results is a good foundation that we can build our future strategy on.  The paper answered our questions and gave us insights in what the benefits can be for companies who deploy these type of tracking technologies.  


Sarah, Georges and Joost have successfully defended their thesis and are now close to graduation! Good luck on your future endeavours, AMS team, we wish you all the best and thank you for the valuable insights. 


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