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Being able to adapt and show flexibility, is a mindset you need to have when working at Contraload. As exciting and fulfilling taking on those challenges are, it does not change the fact that it sometimes can be overwhelming. 

Staying focused is critical to the success of an organization. Even small mistakes can disrupt business goals if they happen frequently. Lack of focus is often caused by a lack of structure in the tasks, which leads to stress, which in returns leads to a loss in productivity. But how can you get motivated to perform your very best and keep focused? A couple of tips I personally use to stay on track of my mission: 


Create achievable sub-goals 


Establishing long term goals is great but can quicky be lost when stretched over a longer period of time. Define weekly or even daily goals and prioritize what you need to complete. It will feel much more rewarding in the end, knowing that you have finished what you set out to do by doing the right things at the right time. 


Schedule your own time 


Meetings are an inevitable part of office life. When done right, they have the power to facilitate great brainstorms, move projects along, or keep communication lines open. But many of us fall into the trap of having back-to-back meetings throughout the day, leaving little time for your own work in between. Create time-blocks in your agenda where there are no meetings (unless necessary) can be scheduled. This way you can work on your tasks, without disruptions or distractions, and get it done! 


Unplug and take a break  


We can get so caught up in calls, meetings, and paperwork that we suddenly look up and realize hours have passed. Studies have shown that getting up and walking around can boost productivity and help you to regain your focus. Spend a minute away from your desk or go out to take a 20-minute walk during your lunch break. Those brief breaks will do wonders for your productivity and wellbeing. 



Remember that FOCUS is a skill you foster. Try out different techniques and see what works for you!