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Flattening the curve

Failure is only failure if we fail to learn from it. There is a lot we can learn from a crisis like the current pandemic. I feel any downturn in life should be studied to find a new upturn.


Over the last weeks the whole world has been confronted with the limitations of our health care systems, when presented with an extra-ordinary peak of patients needing urgent assistance.

I hear virologists, experts and people in the streets on different continents, discussing the possible measures that governments can and should take to “flatten the curve”.

“Flattening the curve” is far from a new concept, but it is now suddenly widely spread and largely understood by companies and people across the globe.


How can we now use this freshly accepted approach to help us solve other challenges we are facing as a species, a nation, a company or even as a family ? What other habits can we change to spread the negative effects over time and avoid unnecessary and harmful outbursts ?

Here are some ideas :

  • Family : avoid arguments through regular controlled conversations
  • Health : balanced food intake and exercise to avoid weight gain
  • Company : rental (OPEX) versus peak investment (CAPEX) outside your core business
  • World : Reduce our carbon footprint

Let’s zoom in on climate change…

It should be a personal project for all of us to look at our footprint and see how we can reduce it over time, to the extent it stays under earth’s capacity to keep us (and the rest of our growing species) alive and well.


Our company (Contraload) is green, because of the nature of our pooling business; but it remains a company-wide project to further reduce our footprint, going forward. We will flatten our emissions-curve and prove it. If all of us take this accountability step, we can take the lessons from the current deadly global crisis and use them for life-saving environmental opportunities.


Any other curves we can flatten ? Let me know !


Stay safe