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Despite the on-going threat of Corona virus, Contraload Conditioning Services stepped up to the plate and moved their Pad wash from Swadlincote to Featherstone.  This relocation will not only bring a nice empty mile reduction for our trucks, thereby reducing emissions, but the seamless switch ensures the beer drinking British public can continue to enjoy their favorite tipple at the supermarket. 


I’m sure you will agree that this was essential work, and I can confirm that all safety measures were in place, including hand sanitizer so strong in alcohol that it made our hands sting.  I guess that this is a Northern thing? They’re made of stronger stuff up there!  For me it was a day out, 6 hours driving and 6 hours work and I loved it. 


After weeks in isolation seeing colleagues, even from a safe distance, was a breath of fresh air and a welcome challenge to do some real life trouble shooting on all of the tech involved, instead of real-time talking about it.