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Liquid egg is manufactured with the aim to reduce and simplify the production steps for the preparation of foods where the egg is used as an ingredient. Bulk quantities may be produced with other ingredients already incorporated into the egg product to reduce labour and the need for heavy equipment or machinery to mix or blendTailored specifications will assure consistent performance in the recipes for bakery products, sauces, meat and even for the bait on your next fishing trip! 


Most egg products are virtually indistinguishable from fresh eggs in nutritional value, flavour and most functional properties such as use as an emulsifier. These qualities are retained through correct storage and distributionTherefore, it is crucial to monitor the handling, storage and transportation.  Rigid IBCs are one of the most common solutions, but the costs of transport and washing these rigid plastic beasts are significant and there is also a relatively high contamination risk. 


Contraload has the perfect solution to make your liquid egg flow!  We call it the “Superior”.  The Superior is a high quality 1000 litre plastic foldable container, which you use with a liner, and is available for renting and pooling.   


With the Superior from Contraload you will not only save costs and storage space, but after every trip we will also clean and inspect our containers so you don’t have to worry about quality, safety and contamination risks.  The correct quantity of IBCs, ready for use and perfectly on time!  


With RFID identification and the option of ioT-tracking you can easily monitor your product during handling, storage and transportation.  


Our Product experts can support you from a wide base of knowledge and experience to conduct a full evaluation of your liquid handling requirements through your supply chain. 


Contraload has all the accessories available ranging from filling bridges, wringers, tilters, heating solutions and more, in order to fully support you. From filling your product to helping with the emptying  at your customers. 


So contact us so we can plan a free trial! 


Liquid eggs + Superior IBC + pooling service = a perfect cake!