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Become extremely social, but from a distance 

Let’s please stop using the term “social distancing” because it is simply not the right wording for what we need to do right now.  We don’t need to have a social distance, we need to have a physical distance and stay extremely social.  This last part is incredibly important in these challenging days. 


Being social means helping others, comforting others, showing respect to vital professions such as truck drivers, supermarket employees, nurses, doctors, garbage collectors and many more.  Soon we will need to be social in spending more in our local shops and restaurants, not travelling, as well as paying additional taxes of some sort in order to compensate for the huge debts we are stacking up as countries. We will pick up the tab for our actions, don’t think for a second we will be able to dodge that bullet, so let’s try and keep the spent to a minimum.       


 I would like to invite you to reflect about your actions: Is this really the right time to go and stand in line for an ice cream? Should you really go to an open shop that sells essential pet food to only buy plants for your garden? Do we have to crowd supermarkets and fight over toilet paper? Do teenagers really have to meet in secret to hang out ? etc. 


Personal accountability is one of the cornerstones of our company as well as holding your peers accountable.  It is a sign of mutual respect, one of our four core values, and breaks through any type of hierarchy. 


If you ask any of the people that have planned the trips I mentioned  above or other excursions to crowded parks, they will tell you that they are living by the rules, but deep inside they know they are actually bending the rules… The problem here is that if all of us bend the rules, we will break the rules as a team and new stronger, less breakable rules will be imposed as a consequence. If we act like little children, we cannot expect police and governments to treat us any differently. 


 Stay at home, follow the rules, be social and save lives. 


Please reflect on your actions and stop living in denial.   


How will you change your habits? 


Take accountability now!