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European consumers love these round delicacies that make us dream about positive experiences from travelling while eating. It reminds us of fun gatherings and relaxing moments with loved ones, vacation, sun, Italy!

When it comes to debates with partners, friends, family or colleagues about which pizza topping is the tastiest? Opinions can differ… but the discussion does not stop there, that would be too easy. There is also a wide variety of different doughs today that enter the debate.

The general outcome of these discussions however is always the same in the end…. Everyone has a type of pizza that they love and desire.

Some reasons for us to love pizza:

  • The great variety people all over Europe can choose from
  • The short preparation times with minimal effort
  • Preparation not requiring the use of additional kitchen accessories and other ingredients
  • Product safety
  • Great taste
  • Affordable price
  • Pizza knows no social barriers
  • It’s a lifesaver and the all-time backup plan when you overestimate your cooking skills

Pizza producers consider the fact that different nations generally have different eating habits. The Spanish for instance love Pizza Bolognese but are also a fan of tuna topping. The best-selling frozen pizza in Germany is salami. Italians prefer it simple with a pizza Margherita. Our French ladies and fellas like to have goats’ cheese, while mushrooms are preferred by our Eastern European friends. Looking up north, the Scandinavians enjoy a turnover pizza, in which the dough is folded over the various toppings.


Pizza going healthy

As much as there are choices that can lead to debates about toppings and dough there is a major trend that pizza producers have identified and observed in previous years throughout the frozen pizza market. Consumers are eating more health consciously. Natural ingredients and freshness play an increasingly important role!

The biggest frozen pizza producers have reacted on this trend successfully. They launch varieties of pizzas for consumers without any artificial flavours or flavour-enhancing additives for instance. The calories per piece are reduced… And guess what? Consumers love this!

When it comes to food safety and quality people want the highest quality food that can be achieved by producers!


Healthy Pizza produced in a healthy production environment

Hygiene and food safety. This is where Contraload steps into the game. Many of the industries we operate in are food production-related. Therefore, it will not be surprising to you that quite an impressive number of our load carriers are going into the giants of the frozen pizza production industry to ensure quality control within their production areas!

Every year, thousands upon thousands of Contraload plastic pallets, liquid containers and dry-bulk containers are loaded with the freshest ingredients to head to pizza production sites all over Europe.

We partner up with our clients to reach the mission of satisfying the increasing consumer demand that the food industry is facing. We ensure that hygiene and the highest quality of food production are achieved with our sustainable pooling formula. This is where great quality load carriers, that are hygienically washed, are being provided to ingredient suppliers.

Given the effort Pizza producers go to in order to source the finest quality ingredients it would be such a shame for them to end up using poor quality, non-hygienically controlled load carriers, wouldn’t it? Contraload changes this and so in its own way makes the world a better place, especially for Pizza lovers!