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We asked our people to share their tips and trickwith colleagues in terms of how to organize work from home and how  you can keep a healthy work-life balance.  

Pretty much all respondents were very happy with the speed, set up and support from our company once they were working from home. The team leads changed their management style quickly and proactively took the time to check in with each and every team member regularly.  However the employees also had to find their own way of working in a much more independent manner. 

Despite the very different situations that one might face at home concerning partners, kids, pets, living in an apartment or in a house, results show consistency regarding the approach on how to focus. Creating a productivity specific work environment to support your aims and get things done seems to be key. It is all about focus on recovery as much as on work and how to be productive – here are the tips concerning place, people, productivity and recovery time. 


If I pull all the results together a perfect place to work is a clean, separate, fixed personal work space with a good internet connection. Our people separated their houses/flats between members of the same household to ensure that everyone was able to get their work done. Keeping it tidy and make sure you air it regularly to make you feel comfortable are valuable tips that were shared.  


As important as creating a place that is supporting your goal of having a productive work day it is to make arrangements with people that live with you. Set up ground rules with kids, organize your day together and let them know what is on your agenda especially concerning calls and virtual meetings. Amazing quality time opportunities popped up during scheduled breaks: Meet at lunch time, talk about something else than work, follow an online sports session together, play a board game at 4pm, … Also, to take turns in preparing lunch for everyone can be useful arrangements to keep everyone happy and frustration levels down. 


The dictum here is It is not about the amount of hours you are behind your computer, it is about what you get done within your working hours that is decisive. Make the most of your work time, concentrate and focus. According to the respondents, it is crucial to develop your own routines that you stick to so that you build a fixed structure of defined time frames that guides you through your day. Prioritizing tasks helps you get some order in your to-do list. Get the critical, urgent and important should-do jobs done first, then focus on the could-do’s if time allows. 


Lunch time, tea break, break time… At Contraload, we have a business culture that is aware  of the fact that resting is at least as important as working. A tip here is to work to standard hours if your household allows you to do so A pause to recover is vital to keep you efficient when you get back to your tasks. There are a few examples of successful people who can violate this rule in the world, but they are not our role models! Other tips for treating yourself well: good low calorie food at lunch time and enough exercise. Important especially in these times of not moving ‘naturally’ like we normally would when going to the office or going out actively with friends and family. Being physically active is highly recommended by our employees. 

What are your tips and tricks?