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Mimi is a ten-year-old brown bear that was rescued almost 2 years ago.Stolenfrom her nest as a cub, she hadbeen forced to livein a small concrete cage at a hotel in Albania where she had to “perform” for the hotel guests.  Now after thosehorrible times, Mimi finally has the life shereallydeserves at “De Zonnegloed”, a home for rescued animals in Belgium 


Today as aresult of the current Coronaviruscrisis, these non-profit organizations can really use our (financial) support as they have no income with the temporary closure for visitors.  We must make sure they can keep on providing for the animals and avoidthe very really possibility of them having to be being soldor evenworseput down… 


Why not “adopt” a local animal in distress? 


Here’s a “shout out” to other companies, can you help support nonprofit organizations who are currently closed to visitors and suffering from revenue loss due to the COVID-19 crisis?