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How we can help you in these difficult times…


Often companies in the past, when confronted with the dilemma of renting versus buying assets, were cash rich and opted for a straight forward purchase We now see these same companies evaluating these types of decisions more in favour of renting. In times of crisis, investment priorities and emergency budgeting are a difficult choice.  Purchases of palletscontainers or other load carriers are unlikely to be part of this and therefore it is better to get some help. 


Contraload helps B2B companies in Europe with their load carrier challenges so that they can focus on their core business”. 


Continuity of supply of packaging and raw materials for manufacturers are required to make the economy function again and continue working.  Let Contraload work with you to ensure that your materials, ingredients and products are transported using the correct and best pallets and containers for the application.  We can ensure that you receive the right load carriers in the right place at the right time and clean and ready for use, so that you do not have to worry about managing Returnable Packaging and can focus on your core business. 


We consider it our duty to help all our customers in these difficult times and have therefore expanded our portfolio of services to include a “buyback and rent” concept.  If you have bought plastic pallets or containers over the last years and you would like to review that decision, we are willing to consider buying them back from you (responsibly recycling the plastic) and offering you an attractive rental solution. 


Contact usand let us work with you to discover how we may be able to help you run your business smoothly and more cost effectively.