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Some time ago I went to a birthday party of a good friend of mine, Raphaël. Since it was his 30th birthday it is safe to say that it was a party with lots of people, good atmosphere and a lot of fun. The exceptional thing at this party was that there were no birthday presents allowed. Instead Raph asked everyone to make a donation for the Marie-Noëlle foundation.  

I was absolutely touched by this story and immediately thought of connection between this foundation and my job at Contraload. Via our Contraload Cares fund, employees are able to share some of the company success by supporting local projects. In the past few years we have helped bees to fly, trees to grow, seals to swim and have joined the fight against cancer. 

Supporting the Marie-Noëlle foundation is another way for Contraload to give something back to the community and making the world a little bit better.  


What is the Marie-Noëlle foundation? 

The foundation was established by the parents of Raphl, who have a daughter, Marie-Noëlle. Marie-Noëlle has a severe case of autism. The seriousness of this born condition made that she had to be taken in by a service who could provide appropriate support. This is how Raph’s parents came in contact with this very specific healthcare for autism. 

The foundation was established with the specific goal to support activities connected to autism.  Examples are supporting other autism related institutions, adapted education and research into this condition. Every year the entire sum of donations is given to one selected project.  

Last year the foundation purchased some adapted sailing boats for people with a physical or mental disability. Can you imagine the positive energy you can get from switching from  being in a  wheelchair to a being on the water in a sailing boat for a couple of hours ? 

I really do think it is inspiring to replace birthday presents with donations.  We all know someone in our family or circle of friends with special needs, wouldn’t it be great to help them?  To be honest, at a certain age you already have everything you need.  If you miss something you will buy it when you actually need it.  Do you recognize this?  Are you a blessed person who already has everything and do you wonder every year what to ask for your birthday? 

Well, now I know!