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Contraload has a “fun factory”.  An in-house team that organizes lots of events for our employees. 


Anything from company lunches, sport days, concerts and foodtrucks were a regular habit where we all gathered and enjoyed each other’s company and realized that above all, we are friends, not just colleagues.   In March, as Covid took partial control over our lives, as most companies, we jumped on the digital train and organized weekly online drinks, yoga sessions and dating moments.  Spirits were high, despite the difficult outside world circumstances.  Towards the summer, as people were feeling the urge to get out more and Corona rules were less strict, all these novel zoom-initiatives died down as people stopped “enjoying” a full time home office.  A new summer vibe started to rise up, longing for more personal contact with the good old colleagues and the underestimated feeling of belonging to a team, a family even.    


Even family members and couples need a break from one and other once in a while to realize they miss and need each other.  Maybe Full time home office has become “too full”-time ?   So here we are… in the middle of nowhere.  A weird combination of (forced) home office and getting back to some sort of normal office time, where we can’t eat together or talk without facemasks (unless in specific areas and with social distancing rules). 


This week our fun factory team sat together to brainstorm about stuff we could do to get the teams back on good spirits and to provide some getaway moments from the daily Covid-news and face-masked office days…     What did we decide ?   We have a list of potential activities that we need to check on safeness and subsequently have to ask team-members whether or not they would want to participate in, as it would potentially create contacts with other team-members that they don’t mingle with on a current day-to-day basis and thus increases the risk of contamination.  All of this takes the fun out of creating fun… but we will not let the extra rules stop us !  


We have a first surprise event in our minds and are actively planning !