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The COVID-19 outbreak pretty much affected everyone, no matter the size of your company.  


Our entire organization quickly needed to install remote working infrastructure, to make sure most of our employees were able to work from home.  


Although sales people, are used to working remotely from time to time, this new enforced way of working during the lockdown, required some flexibility, some patience and even more tact in dealing with customers.  


In the heat of a health crisis, the customers’ priorities change and most of the new projects are paused until further notice. Reaching out to customers to close deals or cold calling and introducing your services to a new prospect might seem a little tactless. During these times we believed the shift from “sell first to serve first” applied even more.  


At Contraload, this is exactly what our sales team was instructed to do in the first weeks of the lockdown. Together with our internal Customer Success colleagues, we called, emailed, Skyped, “Teamsed” ( is that even a thing ?!) all of our customers, to inform them about what measures Contraload had taken to ensure continuity of business to our usual high standards. 


We made sure our customers’ most urgent needs were prioritized and met in fullWhen time allowed, we even got some very positive personal responses by just checking in to see how their situation was, how they were doing and how Contraload could help.  


Faster than expected, our boots-on-the-ground sales team migrated to video conferencing, virtual handshakes, remote pipeline filling and online deal closingA bit like chameleons changing their colours, we quickly adapted to the situation.  


Inevitably after rain comes sunshine and as we all know, a leopard never changes its spots! 
When hearing the updates on the daily news last week, I guess we were all cheering and our eyes filled with tears of joy.  


Slowly but surely, we’re trading our home office with kids running around and dinner tables as desks, back to entire days on the road exploring the market for new opportunities in new territories with exciting new products.  


As from the 15th of June, we will be able to travel again and so, our Contraload sales team is returning to its (almost) natural habitat. 

Armed with face-masks and disinfectant gel, we’re ready to hop in the car/train/plane and meet YOU soon!