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A sweet office 

Well obviously, like in most companies, some of our colleagues have excellent baking skills that they put to good use. Whether it’s fresh banana bread on Wednesday, fudge brownies on Friday or some lemon cookies for the birth of a new life, at Contraload we take sweets and desserts very seriously.  

Another perk of working in an international environment are the local specialties such as Italian Panettone, Turkish Delight, Scottish shortbread, Belgian Speculoos etc.. that suddenly appear during meetings 

But… Hobbyist bakers and generous colleagues aren’t the only things we’re excited about  

sweet home 

For those that don’t know Contraload yet, returnable plastic pallets and foldable containers are close to our heart and the core of our business  The industries we operate in and the customer supply chains we help optimize, are often food related and some of them are hitting your sweet spot!  

Here are a couple of examples of what we bring to your table on a daily basis:  

  • Every year, more than one hundred thousand Contraload plastic pallets are loaded with chocolate chips for cookie manufacturers all over Europe.  


  • Our Superior Containers are filled with millions of litres of cream and arrive fresh and safe at cake-making destinations. 


  • Several tons of sugar make a sweet landing at dessert factories on our high quality pallets 


  • Before making it into your delicious croissant, Crème Patissière (also known as custard) is packed in pouches and transported in Contraload dry-bulk containers for extra protection. 


  • Ice-cream coatings, biscuit fillings, special flavors, cardboard packaging, and many more things have probably received the royal treatment in our plastic load carriers at some point in the supply chain. 


So the next time you sink your teeth in to a double chocolate coated ice-cream, open a waffle wrapper, buy a protein bar or cut into a creamy cake, think about Contraload and remember that all the tasty ingredients have been transported on hygienic, durable, safe and sustainable load carriers.  


Felix Van Ouytsel 


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