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When I talk with people about working in Human Resources, they generally think of hiring and firing. It’s a common misconception. Luckily, it is so much more than that. 


Today, I get to recruit for two new positions, organize a training class, review a payroll report, onboard a new employee, send out our engagement survey and write blog because I promised Marketing :-).   

It is as challenging as it is rewarding, and each day is as diverse as the next. 


With a growing company comes a lot of change and it does take some resilience and some outside-of-the-box-thinking. For me continuous change means that I have the opportunity to grow and contribute in a way where I can visibly make an impact. 


At Contraload, I am learning about how to add value to the business, not only by recruiting the best talent, but by supporting colleagues, by helping to create a great employee culture and by looking for ways to make a positive difference in the workplace. 


A big part of what defines our company’s success, is the cooperation between the teams and the interactions we have with one another. Change is initiated from the bottom-up, where everyone works together towards operational excellence, which in return leads to personal growth. It has created a culture that allows us the best chance to succeed. 


Started almost 1 year ago, I can only say that getting on this crazy ride is still the best professional decision I have ever made. By taking chances and seizing the opportunities that Contraload provides, I am sure that my journey here has only just begun. 


Also looking for another professional opportunity?  Check our Career page and maybe you will join me on this crazy ride.