Pooling is necessary for green logistics

By having more and more companies using Contraload assets, the mechanism of shared pooling will reduce each company’s supply chain costs as well as quality issues and carbon footprint.
Asset pooling is the most environmentally friendly way to ship goods, because sharing assets in a controlled manner is the ultimate way of re-using resources.

Your benefits of pooling


Cost reduction

We help you to measure and understand these costs and will bring you a cost lowering solution.

Hygiene control

Clean and well-maintained load carriers minimize risk of contamination and quality issues. With our solution you will meet standards such as HACCP, BRC, etc…

Reduce CO2 exhaust

Reducing your footprint is more than a fashion statement, it’s a basic need these days. Using our services will help you to earn your Lean & Green Award, just follow our lead.

Improve Track & Trace

Do you know where your load carriers are at this moment? With our tracking tools, management of load carriers is peanuts! But you can also use our software for your own assets!

Increase customer satisfaction

Satisfying the needs of your customer is what you aim for every day. We take the reusable packaging discussion out of the commercial process and create standardization.

We keep it simple

Focusing on and investing in your core business, not in load carriers… Load carriers as well as load carrier management is our biggest strength, so let us do the management and you keep on running your business.

What is pooling?

Contraload pooling

Pooling of equipment is used in many different industries to always have “ready for use” equipment available. Damaged or dirty equipment is repaired and cleaned, missing or broken equipment is replaced with an identical piece of equipment from the pool to make sure all pool participants can continue to work together on a pay per use basis. Pooling is sharing resources and saving CO2, with a pooling company that orchestrates and solves the availability challenges.
Our full pooling service consists out of the following elements:

  • Delivery of the agreed quantity at the agreed locations
  • Rent of the quality asset for the time you use it
  • Collection of the agreed quantity at the agreed locations
  • Cleaning and inspection of the asset after every collection
  • Replacement/Repair of broken parts or assets
  • Tracking and tracing the assets pro-actively
  • Regular audits to make sure losses can be prevented
  • Elements can be added or taken out to adapt our service to the needs of our Customers.

The type of packaging can vary
according to your needs.

Do you need help to determine which
packaging solution suits you more?

Why choose for Contraload
as your pooling partner?



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Cruise control

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Loss prevention

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