Most of our pallets are blue, but in fact, they are really green

Our take on the circular economy

Contraload has made a promise to itself and its stakeholders to move to 100% circularityas soon as technology allows and contribute to getting there as fast as possible. This means sourcing food approved raw materials from recycled plastics and pushing virgin material out, which is not a simple task. It also means working with our customers every day to improve tracking and tracing and to get to a zero loss of pallets and bins. Re-use assets, when broken Re-pair, if unrepairable than re-grind and re-use the raw material. If possible upcycle other plastics. Merely recycling is not an option, we need to raise the bar higher! 

Why plastic

Plastic load carriers are ultra-durable and because they are repairable, their lifetime can be extended even further.  If load carriers are no longer repairable, they can be re-manufactured, and the raw material re-used to create a brand-new pallet.

We can prove that we are green

In 2014 the Lean and Green Award was handed to Contraload by the VIL (Flanders Institute for logistics).  In 2017 we received the Lean and Green Star.  Now Contraload belongs to one of the 21 companies in the Flemish Lean and Green Star Community.  

Reduce your carbon footprint!

Contraload innovates by pooling only sustainable product-market combinations. Contraload only buys reusable load carriers that can be fully recycled, therefore avoiding unnecessary impact on the environment. A neutral LCA study has clearly pointed out that the Contraload combination of re-usable plastic load carriers and pooling is the greenest and safest way to transport ingredients and packaging towards the sensitive production areas. 


Our products and services will lower your CO2 impact up to 85%. And on top of that, it will also lower your packaging costs. 

Contraload fills up empty truck spaces for its collections to reduce empty truck miles and CO2 exhausts. 

Continuous improvement of our service will lead to an even greater efficiency and result in a lower use of resources by our customers, resulting in lower operational costs. 


We can’t stop goods from being shipped, but we can help ship them as efficiently as possible. Pooling is the green answer that your supply chain is asking for.  Our CO2-calculator will show you the impact of a change from an existing load carrier to a Contraload pooling solution!   If you want to find out what you can save...

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