WHY work with CLD?

You can find the words REUSE and REDUCE everywhere these days, but at CLD they stand for very REAL and CLEAR targets :
• 100% REUSE of ALL our assets
• 100% REUSE of ALL our raw materials into our own assets
• REDUCE the number of assets required in the pool
• REDUCE the investment
• REDUCE the supply chain cost
• REDUCE your CO2 footprint
So, please… don’t JUST recycle ! Pool with us !

Can CLD calculate your CO2 impact?

We can’t stop goods from being shipped, but we can help ship them as efficiently as possible. Pooling is the green answer that your supply chain is asking for. Our CO2-calculator will show you the impact of a change from an existing load carrier to a CLD pooling solution!

Is PLASTIC more environmentally friendly than WOOD?

The answer is YES, most of the times, but not always….
The more important question however… Is it greener to POOL than to use 1-WAY packaging? There the answer is YES, positively, absolutely!

Is CLD the right SOLUTION for YOU?

Let’s meet and find out whether your needs and our service fit !

How green is CLD?

In addition to saying we have a green service, we now have the proof in hand that we are really green.
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