Why Plastic?

Plastic load carriers are ultra-durable. 

9 reasons
why you should choose for plastic load carriers

Why plastic_Dimensions&weight


Because plastic pallets are moulded, the sizes and weight are always consistent, causing zero disturbances in your automated material handling systems.
Why plastic_clean


Because of the smooth surface of a plastic pallet, it is easy to wash and keep clean.  Bacteria, fungi and mold have no chance of survival.
Why plastic_Nestable – stackable – rackable

Nestable – stackable – rackable

To save space you can use a nestable pallet.  You will reduce your storage needs for empty pallets and also in transport.
Why plastic_Non-porous


Plastic pallets don’t absorb water or any other liquids, a huge advantage when working in a clean environment as you avoid contamination risks.
Why plastic_No foreign bodies

No foreign bodies

No more loose particles or protruding parts, like wood chips, splinters and nails that can cause injuries or product damage.  A clean working environment and storage area.
Why plastic_No transport restrictions

No transport restrictions

Plastic export pallets are ISPM-15 proof.  No more heat-treated wooden pallets for international shipments.  Keep it simple and safe.
Why plastic_Traceable


RFID tags and even GPRS and IoT technology can be imbedded so tracing your pallets will be a piece of cake.
Why plastic_Food grade

Food grade

Food grade compliant according to EU directives 10/2011 and 1935/2004, virgin material, no harmful substances used during production.  Pallets are also available in recycled material.
Why plastic_Economical


Plastic pallets are often considered to be expensive, but as plastic pallets will last longer than wooden pallets, when controlled well in a pooling system, the trip price for a pallet is not necessarily more expensive.

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