Company Value: Focus

“Where focus goes, energy flows”, a fantastic quote.

Focus is all about doing the right things at the right time.  In other words, we have to keep our eye on our PURPOSE, our mission, our WHY.

The same goes for your personal life.  Make time for what truly matters.  If we can take away one lesson from the Corona crisis is to shift our focus more towards what is important to us as a species, a society, a company, a family, a person.

Once you know what your purpose is, it is a matter of getting your priorities lined up.  Decide on the pecking order of things based on what the customer needs, your family loves, what can help your colleague move forward or what it is you truly long for.  With this wish list it becomes easier to take your decisions and align your tasks to make it happen.

Put first things first and even decide to NOT do some things as they do not contribute to the goals you are setting and will take away your focus.

An excellent way to structure priorities is to look at the list and apply two speeds.  Innovation (longer term) and Continuous improvement (shorter-term). Forward-thinking through innovation will connect the right things at the right time.  Continuous improvement will tell you what to do right now.  In Contraload we work with short term taskforces and long term projects, linked together by the Project Management Office.  A powerful focus combination.

Focus is one of our 4 core values at Contraload.  Discover the other 3 core values on our website.
Do the right things at the right time.

Jesse Sels

Managing Director Contraload Group, Contraload