Company Value: Hunger

Find and act upon opportunities in your challenges.

A can-do attitude.  At Contraload we have the motto: “Get-It-Done”.  The “Just-Do-It” slogan was apparently taken by a sportswear company and let’s face it, it wouldn’t work for us as we don’t want to keep doing it forever, at some point it needs to be “done”…

Life around us and the dynamic nature of our logistics business creates a continuous sense of urgency.  In fast-moving times with high customer demand, fast growth, an innovative sector, upcoming competition, new exciting products, connected shareholders, developing IT and tracking possibilities and many more dynamic influences- there needs to be hunger inside of us to tick all the boxes.  However, don’t confuse urgency and hunger with stress…  Drama and stress are “human” elements that can take one hostage.  Our team makes sure we keep it real and fun, so we avoid this type of unnecessary obstructions.

We are more than just a collection of people that are coincidentally working for the same company.  I feel an increasing sense of mutual commitment within my company and performance levels are rising.  Teamwork and a can-do mindset create more “done” opportunities and overcome the challenges.

Change is a promise I make to my teams… there will be plenty of it.  When you focus your energy on what you can give and create rather than focusing it on what you hear and receive, you are on the right track to ride on the waves of change and come out enjoying the view.

Hunger is one of our 4 core values at Contraload.  Discover all the others on our website.

Jesse Sels

Managing Director Contraload Group, Contraload