Company Value: Respect

Do things right. 

Trust and communication are the main building blocks for a respectful two-way relationship between people, regardless of whether the link concerns a connection between a company and its customers, suppliers, shareholders or between colleagues.  Trust can only exist when you abandon control over certain actions and are willing to rely on the future actions of your colleagues to be able fulfil your expectations.

Honesty, openness, fairness and understanding create trust and should be found on all levels of a company.  To help facilitate trust-building in Contraload, we have developed an internal connection plan, where people can give and receive feedback.  It has become a fantastic tool that is putting “trust-layers” between the members of our teams, creating open communication and minimizing drama and frustration that can pop-up at work.

Respect has a second, equally important, “green” meaning for us.  It is respect for the environment.  No “greenwashing” or denial.  We owe it to ourselves and the world around us to run the greenest business possible and push all connected stakeholders to consciously do the same.

In addition, every company should have its fund or contribution plan to go the extra sustainable mile. Real contributions to a carefully selected range of solutions is what we aim for.  It is our duty to help reduce greenhouse gases, save and protect animals, support health programs and the less fortunate around us.  We have

Respect is one of our 4 core values at Contraload.  Discover the other core values at our website.

Jesse Sels

Managing Director Contraload Group, Contraload